SHH! We Did It Again!



Most transactions are never "EASY" but this one had a couple extra bumps in the road. Luckily we weathered the storm and our clients got the ending they deserved!

Good Agency Representation is very important for Resale and for New Construction. Make sure you choose an agent with extensive knowledge of the marketplace. This could be the difference of you getting the House vs Not!

Supporting Run Me Home

Helping Children Find Loving Homes

Helping Children Find Loving Homes

Andrea was proudly presented today with a plaque from an event we sponsored this year, RUN ME HOME. RUN ME HOME raised $7500 for Loudoun County's Foster Care System and we couldn't have been more proud to help!

Stay tuned for another great fundraising opportunity that we will be doing with another local charity!

Working for your Referral

When I started in this business almost 5 years ago, I wanted to help people realize their dreams.  While perhaps a bit naive, my real goal was to work with people to help them in the largest, most complicated financial transaction they would likely make in their lives.  I started working in this field for the people – for the relationships.

Relationships are more important than transactions

Many Realtors work transactionally – moving from deal to deal. I understand why – that is how commissions are made, in the short term anyway.  I think about things a little differently, and i know when you work with me, you’ll see how.  I focus on the relationship, on providing the best guidance and help I can for the person behind the transaction.  Sometimes that advice is “don’t buy this.”  I pride myself on cultivating relationships with vendors i trust (and use myself) so i can help you during and after the transaction.

You control my business

I know that I have to work to earn your future referrals.  That’s why i work so hard to exceed your expectations.  I don’t want just the deal we’re working now – I want you to be so impressed with how I’ve helped you that you’ll recommend me to your family, friends, neighbors, colleagues, and even yourselves when the time to move comes up!  I hope that I make the entire process simpler for you, explaining each step of the way.

Service after the sale

I’ll keep in touch with you.  Both online, and in the neighborhood!  I’ll try and send you useful information throughout the year.  I’ll reach out for feedback, for help, and to help.  I value creating a trusting relationships, where you can count of me to provide unbiased and helpful insight for your current transaction, and for all your needs while you own your home.  Thinking about renovating a bathroom, or updating a fence, or adding a patio, or fixing a roof – call me!  I live for this, and helping you makes me happier.  This is what I mean by service after the sale.

I’m never to busy to help

I want you to know how much i appreciate your business, and your referrals. I strive to build a positive relationship with everyone i work with by working exclusively with people i trust and respect, and who value the service i provide.

When you come across an opportunity, i’d appreciate you referring me to great people like yourself  who would benefit from the excellent service and personal attention I and my team provide.

Thank you!  Your referrals let me focus on service, rather than on marketing.  And I much prefer working with people to working with advertisers and computers!

We Don't Mail Much, But When We Do...

Because you should LOVE your realtor!

What do you think of our most recent mailer! This one went to all of Potomac Green, our favorite active 55 community, and the place where we host a lot of client appreciation events and sponsor other community events. We especially love BINGO!

If you're interested in getting into this VERY SOUGHT AFTER community, reach out to us at We know what is going on in the community!

Is that Potomac Green's very own Barbara on the mailer?! I think so!


No Housing Bubble in Sight

Year-to-date home sales are up 6.3% and prices in May were 7.9% higher than a year earlier. The trends are expected to stay positive and are likely to boost business dollar volume by as much as 15% in 2015!


No Housing Bubble in Sight
— Lawrence Yun, NAR Chief Economist

Contact us today and we can help with next steps!

Contingencies Explained

When your putting in an offer (or reviewing one), one of the most important AND most complicated aspects of the transaction is understanding the many contingencies that are often attached to offers.

Contingencies defined

Contingencies are possible exits from the contract that are built in to the contract to protect one of the parties – though almost always the buyers.  Often contingencies have expiration terms, meaning that they must be exercised or removed by a certain date.

Common Contingencies

  • Home Inspection – This is usually the first to expire, generally within 7-14 days. A home inspection should identify major structural and other issues with a property, and will identify areas where corrections may be required or requested.  If the sellers are unable or unwilling to make corrections, the buyers can cancel the transaction without losing their earnest money deposit.
  • Radon Inspection - This contingency is generally only used in places with known or suspected radon issues (Northern Virginia happens to be one of these places!).
  • Appraisal – The appraisal contingency protects the buyers from purchasing a house over market value.  Lenders will generally only lend up to the appraised value, meaning that an agreed price over the appraised value requires the buyers to being additional cash to close the deal.  If an appraisal is higher than the agreed price, there is no issue, but if it is lower, there may be.  If the buyers do not wish to proceed and the sellers won’t lower the price to the appraised value, the sellers can exit the transaction.
  • Financial – The financial contingency protects the buyer from inability to get proper financing for the transaction.  Given how crazy the mortgage lending world is (with all the changing rules and requirements), the financial contingency removes liability from the buyers for inability to attain financing.  If the buyers are able to get financing, and intentionally torpedo the financing to get out of the transaction, they can still lose their earnest money deposit – but if the lenders simply can’t make it happen, the buyers won’t be responsible, and will get their deposit back.
  • Sale of Home – The sale of home contingency helps buyers who are also selling their current home, and require that sale (or the proceeds associated with that sale) to make their purchase work.  This contingency ensures that if their current home does sell, or a contract on it falls through, then they can escape their purchase contract without penalty.  It makes sure that if you can’t afford both homes, you aren’t accidentally forced to buy the new one!
  • Settlement of Home – Very similar to the Sale of Home contingency, but different in that if the proceeds of the sale of your home is required for your settlement of the second home, you aren’t penalized by a delay in settlement of the first home.  While you (or the seller) may have the option to cancel the contract, you won’t lose your earnest money deposit because of a failure to settle on the home you are selling.

There are several other less common contingencies, but these are the most common contingencies!

Welcoming AJ to the SHH Team

We are pleased to announce the newest member of the SHH Team!

Arthur Orlebar (but you can call him AJ) is our newest addition. Arthur grew up in Sterling, attending high school at our very own Potomac Falls. He was an avid football player along with his brother, and went to Appalachian State and Wake Forest University on a football scholarship. He played professionally briefly, and then got into information technology consulting.

He then became an active real estate investor, and fell in love with the process and the industry. He got his license so he could follow his new passion and help others find their dream homes. Please give him a warm welcome!