Working for your Referral

When I started in this business almost 5 years ago, I wanted to help people realize their dreams.  While perhaps a bit naive, my real goal was to work with people to help them in the largest, most complicated financial transaction they would likely make in their lives.  I started working in this field for the people – for the relationships.

Relationships are more important than transactions

Many Realtors work transactionally – moving from deal to deal. I understand why – that is how commissions are made, in the short term anyway.  I think about things a little differently, and i know when you work with me, you’ll see how.  I focus on the relationship, on providing the best guidance and help I can for the person behind the transaction.  Sometimes that advice is “don’t buy this.”  I pride myself on cultivating relationships with vendors i trust (and use myself) so i can help you during and after the transaction.

You control my business

I know that I have to work to earn your future referrals.  That’s why i work so hard to exceed your expectations.  I don’t want just the deal we’re working now – I want you to be so impressed with how I’ve helped you that you’ll recommend me to your family, friends, neighbors, colleagues, and even yourselves when the time to move comes up!  I hope that I make the entire process simpler for you, explaining each step of the way.

Service after the sale

I’ll keep in touch with you.  Both online, and in the neighborhood!  I’ll try and send you useful information throughout the year.  I’ll reach out for feedback, for help, and to help.  I value creating a trusting relationships, where you can count of me to provide unbiased and helpful insight for your current transaction, and for all your needs while you own your home.  Thinking about renovating a bathroom, or updating a fence, or adding a patio, or fixing a roof – call me!  I live for this, and helping you makes me happier.  This is what I mean by service after the sale.

I’m never to busy to help

I want you to know how much i appreciate your business, and your referrals. I strive to build a positive relationship with everyone i work with by working exclusively with people i trust and respect, and who value the service i provide.

When you come across an opportunity, i’d appreciate you referring me to great people like yourself  who would benefit from the excellent service and personal attention I and my team provide.

Thank you!  Your referrals let me focus on service, rather than on marketing.  And I much prefer working with people to working with advertisers and computers!