3 Real Estate Trends for 2016

What will be the top trends of 2016? Here are a few trends to watch, and an infographic to explain it all!

1. It's cheaper to buy than to rent!

If you are renting, but not planning on moving, you should consider buying! It's cheaper, a great way to build equity and net worth, and a fantastic alternative to the stock market for long term capital development and passive appreciation.

If you are renting, and wondering if its time, contact us! We can put you in touch with our partnered lenders who can help you to understand what you can afford and help you to fix and credit or other issues you may have!

2. The internet is an important source of real estate info.

This has been true for a while - but it is only growing in importance. There are multiple aggregation websites that can help you to "look" without help. This is a great way to understand neighborhoods, price points, and see a lot of pictures. 

Be careful though - these websites often contain inaccurate information, so don't use things you read to completely rule out properties! While they claim to be updated regularly, if you are only using a website, you might be missing the most recent listings, and be viewing a lot of properties that are already off the market!

3. But nothing beats the expertise and experience of an agent.

While websites can help you get a feel for the market, an experienced agent will make the process smooth and easy. They are used to dealing in these difficult emotional situations, and are experts at spotting and resolving issues early, negotiating the best deal for you, and working with you to make sure you get what you're after!

At Schatz Hayes Homes, we believe our clients are our family, and we work with our clients over the long term. We don't stop at the transaction - but follow up with you over time through our client appreciation program. We know many vendors and trades people, and can help you with recommendations to people that we've used many times (personally and professionally).