Walk Through 42696 Hollyhock Terrace

What an amazing video done by our great friend Jamal Warner at Blue Ridge Visuals. You can tell the difference in quality between this and many of the walkthroughs you'll see done by others. Here's why.

A lot of companies just do a quick walk through with a stabilizer. They charge a little less so they can crank out up to 3 homes a day - but at a reduced level of quality. They’re just first person views of literally - a walk-through.

I like to show the fine details in a home. I take up to 4 hours on a home under 3,000 square feet because I use my own lighting, sliders, gimbals drones and other gear and techniques to get the best results I can. I may not be the quickest, but I think the quality is more important!
— Jamal Warner, Owner, Blue Ridge Visuals